-Why dōTERRA

What makes the dōTERRA brand of oils unique and best in the world?

Others don’t even compare if you ask me!

I am the utmost pickiest when it comes to family so I stand behind what I use and recommend to all of you!!


Every single dōTERRA oil goes through 5 different tests for purity to ensure they are of the highest quality. They are 100% pure, and synthetic free. (Some oils you’ll find at your local health store are made up of oils and added synthetics, which takes away the supportive properties of the oils!) Dr. Pappas, the world’s leading expert on essential oil chemistry talks more about oil quality here. dōTERRA holds the highest standard of purity: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is verified by 3rd party labs…..This is one of the MAIN reasons I trust dōTERRA for my family.


They source indigenously, meaning they go to the parts of the earth that naturally produce the best quality oil. Did you know that the best Lavender in the world comes from France, due to the unique weather, seasons, temperatures and more that France has to offer? It’s perfect for Lav! Just like the best Jasmine comes from India, the best Lemon comes from Italy. Why does this matter? Well, if you’re going to use peppermint to support a headache, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the best and safest most pure peppermint you can get your hands on …dōTERRA has got this covered. I want results so dōTERRA it is.

Healing Hands Foundation

dōTERRA has a non-profit charity, Healing Hands. Healing Hands has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and changed many lives by their support and giving back to the communities where they source their oils.
Co-Impact Sourcing: In saying that dōTERRA searches the globe to find the best places to grow each oil then they team with the local farmers there, many who’s families have been growing and harvesting that plant for generations. Not to buy them out, but to form co-operatives, teach them improved growing, harvesting and distilling methods, and drastically changing their quality of life and sustainability of the plants. Not only do they pay them above fair wages, but but they often bring in the Healing Hands foundation to improve the community as a whole as well.


dōTERRA is wonderful about providing hundreds of hours of free education, guidance, recipes and other support for both oil users and those wanting to build a business.


Your vibe attracts your tribe! And I have the BEST TRIBE (I may be biased) You’re the average of the 5 closest people in your life and I am so happy with the person I have become the average of Surrounded by such amazing like-minded people that has definitely changed me for the best since becoming part of this amazing community. Relationships have been strengthened, deep friendships made, and lives have been changed. Our team is absolutely FULL of the most supportive, talented, honest, big-hearted, giving people. Im honored to know them and work with them. We all bring out the best of each other.


The foundation DōTERRA makes it rock solid in my books! DōTERRA was founded over six years ago by 7 experienced business, wellness and essential oil experts. There was previous experience in the essential oil field but their commitment to doing things with the utmost integrity was the seed that was planted and dōTERRA was born. There are no outside investors, the owners personally funded the start-up and own 100% of the company. The founders ‘practice what they preach’ and stand 100% behind these products as they trust them with their own families (this is very important to me). They must be doing something right because DōTERRA is now THE largest oil company in the world, remains debt-free and the highest retention in any other company with the same structure.

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