⚈ Essential Oils 101 Natural Solutions Class


-What are EO 
Why essential oils
-How to use them + some oil basics
-Why dōTERRA
-How the sourcing effects the oils benefits…how 100% pure labeled retail oils doesn’t mean a thing. You will find a lot of companies are trying to ‘do’ oils too but they won’t have much luck.
-We’ll will find out why dōTERRA is the word leader with over 4.5 million people using the oils world-wide.
-My top 10 must have oils + a few fave blends
-How to get free oils + earn commissions (if that feels aligned)
-MOST IMPORTANTLY, How to get started and oils into your home.

What I’m sharing is info to empower you to make natural changes in your life.

Natural solutions for you to go from good to great…and that’s probably why you’re here.

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