dōTERRA South Africa has officially LAUNCHED 

Are you based in South Africa and passionate about natural living and essential oils?

I am excited to announce that dōTERRA has officially opened a South Africa warehouse and now the world’s purest, most recognized, trusted essential oils are on the ground and a healthier you awaits!

Whether you’re looking to introduce your home and lives with the purest essential oils or interested in taking natural health one step further :: we are looking for wellness advocates to be pioneers with the growth of dōTERRA in South Africa.

Thousands will be joining in the coming months in their drive for preventative health instead of sick health.
If you would like to play a part in this amazing growth + join our already  success growing global team… connect with me today.

Read below to find out what is the best fit for you.
1. The oil user – wholesale customer
2. The oil business builder – wellness advocate


Those who want to enjoy dōTERRA oils, have preferential pricing and have the option to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

  • Priced + purchase priced in South African Rand (ZAR). 
  • Access to wholesale discounts (25% and more)
  • UP to 50 of dōTERRA’s most popular single oils and blends for you to choose from (additional oils throughout the coming months)
  • You can use local South African debit or credit cards (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Delivered from within SA to keep shipping cost as low as possible while keeping (no custom fees)
  • 3-5 business days delivery times.
  • Monday- Friday customer service avail for your support 
  • Only R75 flat rate shipping anywhere in SA 
  • Nationwide distribution
  • You will have access to our teams exclusive online customer groups for ongoing support, education regular giveaways


Same as above plus for those who would like to receive additional financial benefits for sharing or building.

  • Your own personal dōTERRA online shop (where they can refer potential members to if they would like to enroll)
  • Earn commissions in Rands
    (paid weekly + monthly)
  • Grow at your own pace
  • Receive regular mentoring calls with Erin + group coaching calls with the Naturally Leading Team
  • You will have access to our Naturally Leading online leaders group, business training, guided to resources,
  • Wellness Advocates (builders) ranked Silver and above also have access to a dōTERRA account manager who can help them optimise their business and support their teams.
  • There will also be dōTERRA and leaders that will hold regular events around South Africa to provide product and business education that you can attend.



You can either contact me at [email protected] and I can answer any question that you have and assist you with your order OR if you’re more than welcome to set up your order by following the below instructions.

Two options to purchase:

  • Option 1 – Enrol with the Family Essentials Kit – no joining fee – get top 10 oils and a FREE smart & Sassy Oil. R2940

There are no minimum orders or regular commitments!
When you place your order it will be mailed directly to your address via a contract logistics company from Johannesburg.
Cost of shipping is a FLAT RATE of R75!




  • Click this link : https://www.mydoterra.com/erinnaturally/#/
  • Click Join and Save
  • Choose ENGLISH as your language
  • Choose South Africa as the country.
  • Choose either Wellness Advocate OR wholesale Customer (either one will give you all the benefits and not be obligated to sell the oils).
  • Enter your personal information.
  • At *Enroller ID*, enter my number: 1860660 (please make sure it shows you my name as I won’t know you have ordered through me otherwise)
  • Then click verify
  • Set yourself up with a password
  • Click over to the next page
  • Select what kit you’d like to order (or Enrolment fee of R445 you want to custom create an order)
    **We encourage enrollment with a kit because it provides the best value – including up to a 20% discount on all product and waiving of the enrollment fee. Enrolling with a kit also provides the best experience for new members who are learning the benefits of our oils.
  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
    (you can use local South African debit or credit cards that are branded Visa or MasterCard)

Verify the shipping and finish checking out and the enrolment will be processed.

After the enrollment is complete, the new member will be able to sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program (an optional monthly order that will give you points from your purchase to redeem towards payment or your order/ or redemption of free product + access to the free product of the month).
If you do not wish to set up your rewards program order, you can do so at anytime.



Erin Naturally + my global team of wellness advocates is growing!!
A new market, so many opportunities not only have local access to the worlds purest, highest therapeutic and most respected essential oils BUT you could partner with me as your mentor to guide you as you launch your business and delve into this exciting new world of teaching others about living a natural, healthier lifestyle!

If you have been yearning for more and want to be involved in this amazing launch and possibly be one of the first Doterra leaders in South Africa…I have 3 front-line positions and am currently looking for the right people.


  • YOU want to be part of a natural health movement
  • YOU have a heart for serving, educating + empowering others
  • YOU crave a lifestyle that is full of choice + freedom in your finances/ your time
  • YOU honour your body and fuel it with the best {coffee is A-ok}
  • YOU want to  make a positive impact in the world
  • YOU define success as happiness
  • YOU crave creative expression
  • YOU want to provide solutions for people
  • YOU are ready to design a life you love + be a glowing example to others of what is possible
  • YOU get excited about helping others to achieve their goals (just as much as achieving your own)
  • YOU want to work with a product that has the highest retention rate in the natural solutions industry
  • YOU want to be surrounded + supported by a team of people who are already rockin’ it
  • YOU are highly committed & determined to be your own CEO. (this role is not about riding the tails and receiving coming from me, rather as a responsibility to own the role for yourself)
  • YOU are an ‘action’ driven positive person who looks for solutions when needed, rather than excuses or blaming the world for things not going your way
    and could be the right fit for you!

If you have been yearning for more and want to be involved in this amazing launch and possibly be one of the first Doterra leaders in South Africa…I am waiting for your email [email protected] 


How does the dōTERRA Business work?

  1. Set up your own personal account as a wellness advocate with an enrolment kit of custom enrolment order.
  2. Being using, learning and loving your oils so that you can share experiences.
  3. Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order minimum 100 pv order per month so that you qualify to earn commission, : https://www.doterra.com/US/en/flyers-loyalty-rewards-program
  4. Set up your first mentoring call with me so that I can assist with you goals and guide you to our class teaching guides.
  5. Get out there!  Begin sharing, educating, teaching others and assist them to set up their wholesale account.
  6. Follow up with your enrolments with a wellness consultation to educate them on the natural living lifestyle and help them map out a monthly wellness plan on Loyalty Rewards Program
  7. Repeat

This is seriously just such a magical time to step on board.

A new market, so many opportunities to be the one to introduce others to the worlds purest oils, build a business, and be eligible to be one of the first of 20 people to qualify for a founders position which receive an overall market growth yearly bonus.

Get in touch now if you want to be part of our globally growing team!

Big love and cheers to a healthier, happier, glowing life.

Erin  ❤

dōTERRA Diamond Leader
Health & Wellness Coach
Business Mentor
Founder of Erin Naturally