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Jun 1, 2016

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, I am SO glad that you are here!

You’ve given into the pull!  There has never been a more important time to empower yourself with the information and tools that will help you live the low-tox, natural life that you’ve always wanted with the help of essential oils!

I had always been extremely conscious of what I used on and in my body but it wasn’t until I started seeing holistic health care professionals talk about dōTERRA essential oils, that I decided to take a deeper look at to see what all the fuss was about.

If you were like I was- I had been using essential oils for years but really didn’t a lot about purity and the standards.  I just thought that they smelled nice and were all the same.  W.R.O.N.G.

I was intrigued and begun researching more and more…..and more about essential oils and found that you really can use them to reduce so many toxins in your life and that dōTERRA had ticked all the boxes for my standards.  Their mission how the body can heal itself when supported through simple whole foods,  daily movement, stress management, informed self care, and the healing power of plants felt very aligned with me. That got my attention.

After receiving a sample of Serenity (Lavender Peace in Australia) I was completely taking by the effects on stress, anxiety and sleep this little bottle had.  As a new mum I craved this and had to have MORE! 💕

I excitedly jumped in head first purshcing the Home Essentials Kit to use on myself, my hubby and baby.  Now I truly can’t imagine life without them, we go to them for everything! I love knowing that I have a natural, safer, and better way of doing things! dōTERRA was definitely the missing piece that makes me now feel complete.

After sharing with a few friends and getting amazing feedback of their experiences I knew that I had to spread the word and share with others.  I have always been passionate about helping others live more natural, toxin-free life and now partnering with dōTERRA, it is the perfect way to let others have access to all the amazing products that I use and love myself!

♡♡ Why dōTERRA?

What makes the dōTERRA brand of oils unique and best in the world? Others don’t even compare if you ask me! 

  • Testing: Every single dōTERRA oil goes through 5 different tests for purity to ensure they are of the highest quality. They are 100% pure, and synthetic free. (Some oils you’ll find at your local health store are made up of oils and added synthetics, which takes away the supportive properties of the oils!) Dr. Pappas, the world’s leading expert on essential oil chemistry talks more about oil quality here.   dōTERRA holds the highest standard of purity: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is verified by 3rd party labs…..This is one of the MAIN reasons I trust dōTERRA for my family.
  • Sourcing: They source indigenously, meaning they go to the parts of the earth that naturally produce the best quality oil. Did you know that the best Lavender in the world comes from France, due to the unique weather, seasons, temperatures and more that France has to offer? It’s perfect for Lav! Just like the best Jasmine comes from India, the best Lemon comes from Italy. Why does this matter? Well, if you’re going to use peppermint to support a headache, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the best and safest most pure peppermint you can get your hands on …dōTERRA has got this covered.  I want results so dōTERRA it is.
  • Healing Hands Foundation:  dōTERRA has a non-profit charity, Healing Hands.  Healing Hands has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and changed many lives by their support and giving back to the communities where they source their oils.
  • Co-Impact Sourcing: In saying that dōTERRA searches the globe to find the best places to grow each oil then they team with the local farmers there, many who’s families have been growing and harvesting that plant for generations. Not to buy them out, but to form co-operatives, teach them improved growing, harvesting and distilling methods, and drastically changing their quality of life and sustainability of the plants. Not only do they pay them above fair wages, but but they often bring in the Healing Hands foundation to improve the community as a whole as well.
  • Education: dōTERRA is wonderful about providing hundreds of hours of free education, guidance, recipes and other support for both oil users and those wanting to build a business.
  • Community: Your vibe attracts your tribe! And I have the BEST TRIBE (I may be biased) You’re the average of the 5 closest people in your life and I am so happy with the person I have become the average of 🙂 Surronded by such amazing like-minded people that has definitely changed me for the best since becoming part of this amazing community.  Relationships have been strengthened, deep friendships made, and lives have been changed. Our team is absolutely FULL of the most supportive, talented, honest, big-hearted, giving people. Im honored to know them and work with them.  We all bring out the best of each other.
  • Company: The foundation DōTERRA makes it rock solid in my books! DōTERRA was founded over six years ago by 7 experienced business, wellness and essential oil experts. There was previous experience in the essential oil field but their commitment to doing things with the utmost integrity was the seed that was planted and dōTERRA was born.  There are no outside investors, the owners personally funded the start-up and own 100% of the company.  The founders ‘practice what they preach’ and stand 100% behind these products as they trust them with their own families (this is very important to me).  They must be doing something right because DōTERRA is now THE largest oil company in the world, remains debt-free and the highest retention in any other company with the same structure.

♡♡ How Can You Buy dōTERRA Essential Oils?

I am a Wellness Advocate and DōTERRA is sold through Wellness Advocates.  It is done this way to ensure that you have a 1:1 experience when choosing oils, someone there to support and guide you every step of the way.  The Wellness Advocate shares through family and friends, in person and on through classes and websites.

You have the options to buy the oils at full retail price or join with a wholesale membership. This wholesale membership is open to anyone, whether you want the discount just for yourself, or want to share and earn with DōTERRA.

There are no monthly fees and no requirements to sell or buy. The wholesale membership is for personal discounts.

 ♡♡ How Much dōTERRA Essential Oils Cost?

Here’s how to get started.

The wholesale account is $35 for a year and gives you 25% off of everything. You can log in and monitor your account, order more, etc. and that service is free. After 1 year if you want to renew your DōTERRA membership you pay $25 and they send you a free Peppermint ($20.50 wholesale value). It’s a great deal! I want to make it very clear that their are NO commitments and you are NOT required to buy monthly, sell anything or even buy again (but you’ll want to!)

Keep reading to see the lovely perks you will get for joining with me.

♡♡ Why Buy A Starter Kit?

If you start with a kit (shown below) the $35 membership is waived, you don’t have to pay it!  This is how most people join this way not only to save but you also get the top used oils as well as saving, savings, saving! The biggest bang for your buck!

♡♡ My Recommended Starter Kits:

Essential Collection with Smart & Sassy Kit (in Australia + Canada)


This kit includes 5 mL  bottles (80 drops) of: Lavender, Lemon , Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, On Guard + Smart & Sassy (15 mL) Wellness AdvocateTM Introductory Packet & Enrolment

aka Family Essentials Kit with Beadlets (in USA)–

This kit includes 5 mL  bottles (80 drops) of: Lavender, Lemon , Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, On Guard + Peppermint Beadlets, On Guard Beadlets,  Wellness AdvocateTM Introductory Packet & Enrolment

*PLUS future loyalty discounts at 10%

AromaTouch Diffused Kit – The holistic approach to health! This kit is so well rounded supporting you in stress management, immune support, inflammatory response, homeostasis.
a great starter kit with 5mL (80 drops) bottles of doTERRA BalanceLavenderMelaleucadoTERRA On GuardAromaTouchDeep BlueWild OrangePeppermint


♥ Aromatouch Professional Kit- The holistic approach to health! This kit is so well rounded supporting you in stress management, immune support, inflammatory response, homeostasis.

* PLUS future loyalty discounts at 10%


dōTERRA Touch Kit – The perfect oil collection! All oils/ blends come in easy to use roller bottles and are pre-diluted in fractionated coconut oil.

*PLUS future loyalty discounts at 10%


Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused –The holistic approach to managing moods and emotions! This kit will can help restore your emotional balance.

Emotional Aromatherapy: 5 mL bottles of Motivate, Cheer, Passion,  Forgive, Console, Peace, Petal Diffuser and a Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet.


*PLUS future loyalty discounts at 10%




♥Home Essentials Kit – the same oils as the Essentials Collection/ Family Essentials Kit but triple the amount of oil (15mL=240 drops) for less than twice the price.

This kits includes 15ml bottles of :  FrankincenseLavenderLemonMelaleucaOreganoPeppermintBreatheDigestZen On GuardDeep Blue (5 mL) PLUS Petal Diffuser, and Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet

*PLUS future loyalty discounts at 10%

Natural Solutions Kit – this kit really sets you up to live the natural DōTERRA lifestyle! Many of the most popular DōTERRA products.
This kit includes:
10 mL bottles: PastTense
15 mL bottles: LavenderLemonPeppermint On GuardFrankincenseMelaleucaWild Orange BalanceDigestZenAromaTouchSerenity Breathe

doTERRA On Guard Collection:  On Guard BeadletsOn Guard Toothpaste On Guard Hand Wash with 2 Dispensers

Other Products: Lifelong Vitality PackDigestZen TerraZymeDeep Blue RubFractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz), Aroma Lite DiffuserWooden Box,   Breathe Vapor Stick,  Correct-XPB Assist+Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo Salon Essentials Smoothing Conditioner, Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet


All Australian Starter Kits

All Canadian Starter Kits

All USA Starter Kits 

To view the full Product Guide

💛💛 Bonus perks of buying a DōTERRA wholesale kits with me:

  • 25% off all retail prices
  • Within 14 days of receiving your kit, we’ll set up a complimentary 1:1 wellness consult + membership over the phone, so that we can talk about the best ways to use your oils. We’ll review essential oil safety, a few starter recipes and I’ll be there to answer your questions. You’ll also get access to our free online Facebook community, as mentioned below.
  • Access to our amazing team global Facebook support group with nearly 5,000 people in it.  Be a part of our community!
  • Holistic Recipe eBooks: Top Oil Recipes to get you started on the right foot. Lots of my fav DYI recipes right at your finger tips.
  • A little gift from me personally xx Check with me for my monthly promotions! 💕

Recap: the way you order oils through me is Wholesale. If you wanted to start with a custom order (in lieu of a kit) you would just purchase the $35 intro wholesale package at checkout, and then add whatever oils and/or products you’d like.

💛💛 Want to customise your order and not get a kit?

If you would like to see what other products we offer check out the product guides:

Australian price list or starter kits.

Canadian price list or starter kits.

USA price list or starter kits.

To customise your own wholeasle order just CLICK HERE <<< choose the country to ship to, then choose WHOLESALE ACCESS and either pick your kit or choose $35 option (membership waived with a kit) and customise by typing in the names of the products you want below.

The enroller ID should prefill but if it doesn’t my ID is 1860660.

💛💛  If you are a have a clinic or are you a wellness pro? Interested in selling the oils at retail?

To sell the oils on your store shelf at retail, you would simply join as a wholesale member, order the products you’d like (for you and/or your store!) and then it’s up to your discretion at which price point you select, to re-sell your oils. This is something we can chat further about over the phone! In terms of the greatest profit however, it does pay off to build DōTERRA the traditional way, by hosting educational oil classes and informing people about the benefits of the oils. This way, you’re building your pipeline, instead of hauling buckets. You’re earning residual income and building more time freedom. Take a peek here at a video on that! It needs to feel aligned for you however and if you’re simply looking to sell retail, and the biz side does not interest you, that works great too!

💛💛  Have questions?

If you would prefer to discuss with me which kit would best meet your needs and get started with a wholesale account simply contact me for a free consult via email at email or phone 0418135508 (or skype/zoom call as well) and I will set it up for you in as little as 5 minutes. You can join our team whether you live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Europe or many other countries around the world.


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.18.41 PM
If you have ANY questions what so ever PLEASE feel free to contact me:

[email protected] or jump over to the ERIN NATURALLY Facebook page to stay in  touch!


Erin xx


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